Signs You Might Need Breast Revision Surgery

woman having bandage on breast taking to doctor after surgery If you’re experiencing discomfort or dissatisfaction with your previous breast augmentation, breast revision surgery might be the perfect solution. At Cosmetic and Reconstructive Specialists of Florida, we’re here to help you regain your comfort and confidence. Understanding when this surgery might be necessary is crucial for maintaining your well-being and appearance. Here are some signs that it might be time to consider breast revision surgery.

Implant Complications

One of the main reasons you might need breast revision surgery is due to complications with your implants. These can include:

  • Capsular Contracture: This happens when the scar tissue surrounding the implant tightens, making the breast feel hard and deformed.
  • Implant Rupture or Deflation: If your implant leaks or deflates, it can lead to noticeable changes in the shape and size of your breast.
  • Rippling: Visible wrinkles or folds on the implant surface can affect the appearance of your breasts.

Changes in Breast Appearance

Over time, your breasts can change due to various factors such as aging, weight fluctuations, or pregnancy. These changes might lead you to consider breast revision surgery to restore your desired look. Signs include:

  • Asymmetry: If your breasts have become uneven in size or shape.
  • Sagging: Natural aging or weight changes can cause a sagging breast, making revision surgery a good option.

Dissatisfaction with Previous Surgery

Sometimes, the results of your initial breast augmentation may not meet your expectations. This dissatisfaction can stem from:

  • Aesthetic Preferences: You may wish to change your implants’ size, shape, or type to suit your current aesthetic goals better.
  • Discomfort: If your implants cause physical discomfort or interfere with your lifestyle, revision surgery can help improve your quality of life.

Health Concerns

In rare cases, health issues related to breast implants, such as infections or implant-related illnesses, might necessitate revision surgery. It’s important to monitor your health and consult a specialist if you experience unusual symptoms.

Schedule a Breast Revision Surgery Consultation in Fort Lauderdale, FL

If you believe you might need breast revision surgery, it’s crucial to consult with a skilled surgeon. At Cosmetic and Reconstructive Specialists of Florida, we are here to help you achieve your desired results. 

Contact us at 954-533-8029 to schedule a consultation and learn more about how we can assist you in Fort Lauderdale. Your comfort and happiness are our main goals. Let us help you feel confident and beautiful.

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