CRS is Open and Adhering to CDC Guidelines

Florida Governor has lifted statewide restrictions on Elective Medical services Here at CRS Plastic Surgery we are observing safety measures and following CDC guidelines to ensure your wellbeing. Our physicians and staff will be adhering to CDC guidelines and wearing face masks throughout your visit. We ask that you wear a face mask or covering… Continue Reading »

CRS MedSpa is a Relaxing Hybrid of Medical Grade Pampering and Clinical Therapeutic Aesthetic Treatment

CRS MedSpa in Fort Lauderdale takes the art of non-invasive cosmetic procedures to invigorate and improve the face and skin appearance. Long-term treatments formulated to enhance go hand-in-hand with our doctors, medical aestheticians, and compassionate staff. Medical Grade Aesthetics Under Expert Medical Care Medical spas must have licensed physicians and qualified staff with far more… Continue Reading »


CRS’s New Favorite Holiday: National Botox Cosmetic Day

Join CRS November 20th as we recognize the first National Botox Day with a special offer Allergan – the parent company of cosmetic surgery wonder drug Botox – has announced their first-ever National Botox Day on November 20th and CRS is celebrating.  Check out the special $100 Buy One Get, One Free gift card available… Continue Reading »

breast cancer

CRS Plastic Surgery Recognizes Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Dr. Christopher Low and Dr. Michael Cheung with their team at CRS Plastic Surgery are here to help breast cancer survivors in their reconstructive journey The concerns of someone battling breast cancer range on a spectrum no one considers until they or a loved one are confronted with the illness. From survival anxieties to financial… Continue Reading »

Questions to Ask During Your Plastic Surgery Consultation

Plastic surgery is called “surgery” for a reason.  Make sure you’re informed of the benefits and risks posed by any procedure.  The right physician will walk you through all your questions while providing the reassurance you need to ease your mind Celebrities whose physicians have honed their bodies to “perfection” are everywhere, making it easy… Continue Reading »

Top Three Surgical Cosmetic Procedures

Top Three Surgical Cosmetic Procedures Non-invasive cosmetic procedures are less dangerous, more economical, and performed with greater frequency than “going under the knife” for various reasons.  That said, the number of people submitting to operations for aesthetic purposes is rising yearly by unpredictable rates. Experts attribute this trend to their growing affordability, the implementation of… Continue Reading »

Pre-Op and Post-Op Cosmetic Procedure Self-Care

Pre-Op and Post-Op Cosmetic Procedure Self-Care Advances in modern medicine have made cosmetic surgery safer and more affordable than ever, however, the necessity for proper pre- and post-operative care remains as vital as before.  While the natural rate of healing and type of procedure are still the two main factors determining how you’ll recover, there… Continue Reading »

Cosmetic Procedures Covered by Insurance

Cosmetic Procedures Covered by Insurance Plastic surgery is often labeled as cosmetic because it typically is, but there are always exceptions to the rule.  Procedures fall under two categories – elective or reconstructive – and this crucial detail makes all the difference when figuring out what you’re paying out of pocket.  Getting a nose job… Continue Reading »

Preventative Plastic Surgery

Preventative Plastic Surgery Long-lingering stigmas clinging to plastic surgery are dissipating daily, transforming what seems like temporary trends into standard models. One movement cementing itself into Americana is preventative cosmetic procedures. Preemptive operations like life-saving mastectomies to aesthetic tweaking in people as young as 21 are on the rise and pro-active treatments are not only… Continue Reading »

The Mommy Makeover: A Road To A Better You

Cosmetic Surgery is a choice taken by an individual to enhance the body image they have of themselves and helps give them a higher sense of confidence. One of the most popular Cosmetic Surgeries to achieve this is the mommy makeover. The mommy makeover is designed to reverse the physical changes a woman goes through… Continue Reading »

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