Top Three Surgical Cosmetic Procedures

Non-invasive cosmetic procedures are less dangerous, more economical, and performed with greater frequency than “going under the knife” for various reasons.  That said, the number of people submitting to operations for aesthetic purposes is rising yearly by unpredictable rates. Experts attribute this trend to their growing affordability, the implementation of safer techniques, increased social acceptability, and other causes that span a vast spectrum.

All things considered, the fact that you’ll typically first be judged based on your appearance makes the need to look your best essential, causing these developments to be beneficial on multiple levels.  Let’s explore the three most popular plastic surgery procedures being performed and see how they’ve risen to prominence while helping so many attain the physique of their dreams.

Breast Augmentations

Undoubtedly, the “boob job” is the most common plastic surgery operation of 2018, with over 300 thousand procedures reported last year.  They’ve held this position for ages, but with innovative methods being practiced that decrease post-op downtime and increase safety while slimming other areas of the body, the desire for the elusive Perfect Chest is more attainable than ever.

A new approach being applied involves removing excess fat from unwanted areas of the body using traditional liposuction and then re-using it to remodel the breasts to the desired shape.  This type of transfer is sometimes referred to as a hybrid procedure and it has more than just the benefit of re-sculpting your breasts while slimming down other areas of the body. They’re safer and carry a shorter recovery time, allowing patients to take care of two areas at the same time as well as be able to show off their new bodies sooner.

Another advantage that’s helped their spike is some insurance companies now help reconstruct the bodies of breast cancer survivors.  No longer does one have to bear the scars of such trauma for life thanks to augmentations that can get you back to how you were or how you always wished to be, a small sliver of light after a trying tribulation.


Though the previously discussed hybrid procedures may have had a small hand in last year’s rise, it’s safe to say liposuction would have still been high on 2018’s list of cosmetic surgeries.  This process of losing weight is widespread among all demographics. There’s no stereotypical person getting lipo these days and it’s being recommended for more than just aesthetic reasons – it can help you live longer, too.


Another trend that is shaping the statistics is a dip in the age in which they’re performed – which helped propel rhinoplasty to the third slot.  With more and more people in their twenties going for plastic surgery and the constant evolution of methods which lead to increased efficiency, this is expected.  However, it’s an indication of why these procedures are constantly progressing.

Considering having some work done?

Cosmetic surgery is a lot less complicated, much more common, and nowhere near as socially taboo as it once was.  From health to image, the things that influence the amount of annual plastic surgeries appear to keep growing, raising their prevalence in society.

As more and more people of all genders, ages, races, orientations, etc., are choosing to take control of how they look, don’t be afraid to ponder how these developments can positively affect you.

The professionals at CRS specialize in sculpting the perfect you.  If you or a loved one are considering a procedure, schedule your free consultation today by filling out this form or call (954) 533-8029 and a representative will be in contact shortly.  

Plastic surgery is not recommended for everyone.

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