Questions to Ask During Your Plastic Surgery Consultation

Plastic surgery is called “surgery” for a reason.  Make sure you’re informed of the benefits and risks posed by any procedure.  The right physician will walk you through all your questions while providing the reassurance you need to ease your mind

Celebrities whose physicians have honed their bodies to “perfection” are everywhere, making it easy to forget the dangers of surgery.

The decision to have plastic surgery – whether it be for aesthetic purposes or necessary to improve quality of life – is stressful and important.  Your brain will be racing with anxiety for good reason, but the fact is that cosmetic procedures can be a safe and extremely beneficial process when performed correctly.  With plastic surgery in Fort Lauderdale and all of Florida in general, being so common and not always up to professional standards, it’s your responsibility as a patient to educate yourself to ensure the best possible result in every way.

For your safety and knowledge, CRS has compiled a short list of things every patient should ask when considering a procedure.  We believe that our patients have the right and necessity to know what is being done to their bodies in order to achieve the best possible results on every level.

“Are you certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery or the American Society of Plastic Surgery?”

Any surgeon can legally perform plastic surgery in the US, so it’s essential to inquire about your doctor’s credentials. Just because your surgeon may be board certified it is important to inquire if the certifying board specializes in Plastic/Aesthetic Surgery.  The American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS) and American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) are two of the most respected organizations in the country, whose primary missions are to inform patients as well as certify the most qualified surgeons in the field of plastic surgery.

Not all physicians are endorsed by these Boards for several reasons.  Luckily, CRS’s Christopher J. Low, MD and Michael C. Cheung, MD are honored to be part of such prominent institutions.

“Do you operate from an accredited ambulatory facility?”

Surgery requires a facility that is capable of responding to medical emergencies.  An accredited ambulatory facility goes through a rigorous process and contains appropriate equipment that is required for invasive procedures.

Both Dr. Low and Dr. Cheung perform surgeries at fully accredited ambulatory Class C facilities. .Do not have an operation in anything less for your own wellbeing.

“Do you have hospital operating privileges?”

Some surgeons don’t have operating privileges in hospitals for various reasons, but this should be a red flag.  Even if the physician is competent, not having access to a hospital can lead to serious complications, and possible fatality, should a life-threatening emergency occur demanding more significant measures not available in the ambulatory facility.

“Do you use a certified anesthesiologist?”

“Going under” with the use of anesthesia is a risky biological process.  It’s critical that your surgery is supervised by an anesthesiologist or Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist.  The training necessary for adequate care in this department will help avoid hazards so you can literally sleep right through your operation.

“Can this procedure be covered by my insurance?”

If it’s something that must be done for medical purposes and not aesthetic, a cosmetic procedure may be covered by your insurance provider.  There are various things that insurance is able to help with, including breast reconstruction, breast reductions, upper blepharoplasty, and more.

“Can you tell me about some of your experience?”

Experience trumps knowledge.  A physician with an amazing education is good, but a surgeon with a history of successful procedures is better.

Don’t be afraid to inquire about patient history.  It’s illegal for doctors to divulge the specifics of any case, however, some people volunteer to endorse a surgeon they respect.

“Do you have any before and after pictures of your work?”

This is just getting deeper into inquiring about their experience.  Considering surgery will have an influence on how you will look, you want to see others do, first.

“Do you have any patient reviews or recommendations?”

This is just for a little extra peace of mind.  Don’t think you’re nagging your doctor: an informed patient is welcomed and appreciated.

CRS is proud of our reviews and work diligently to make the patient experience a most positive one.

“What are the risks and complications involved with this procedure?”

Though you should always expect the best, it’s wise to know about the potential dangers that are possible.  This will help you further understand everything that’s happening. It’s helpful when it comes to planning, too.

You should also do a lot of research on your own.  At this point in the process, you’ve probably been all over the internet gathering data, but this is one of those situations where you can never know too much.

“Can you tell me about the recovery process and how to prepare?”

There are various things that can be done before and after to ensure your procedure is as safe and successful as possible.  Some things may be particular to what you’re undergoing, so don’t assume you know as much as your doctor.

And make sure you follow their instructions in detail – not doing so, may have adverse results.

Now go get a second opinion and ask these very same questions

At CRS, we make certain potential patients are informed on everything they will undergo because we care – and we recommend they seek the best care appropriate for them.

This may mean another surgeon, and we may even recommend one because it’s essential that the procedure is as safe as possible, conducted by the most appropriate team, and you feel secure in who you may potentially be trusting with your life.

The professionals at CRS specialize in sculpting the perfect you.  If you or a loved one are considering a procedure, schedule your free consultation today by filling out this form or call (954) 533-8029 and a representative will be in contact shortly.  

Plastic surgery is not recommended for everyone.

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