Fillers or Neuromodulators?

At Cosmetic and Reconstructive Specialists of Florida, in our CRS MedSpa, we offer the neuromodulators Botox and Dysport, and we offer the entire Restylane line of dermal fillers along with Sculptra. Patients often are a little confused as to where a filler is right and where a neuromodulator is right. They often lump Botox/Dysport along… Continue Reading »

Refresh Your Eyes and Your Face

The year-round sun in Ft. Lauderdale takes a toll across our bodies. Everyone down here has their dermatologist on their “favorites” of their phone. While that doctor may be able to help with your actinic keratoses and potential skin cancers, he or she isn’t going to do anything about those sagging eyelids, which also are… Continue Reading »

Tell Your Crow’s Feet to Take a Hike

Botox has been around for decades, but it was 2002 when it became the rock star of the aesthetic world. That was the year the FDA approved Botox for cosmetic use in the treatment of wrinkles around the eyes and on the forehead. Since then, Botox injections have become the single most popular cosmetic treatment… Continue Reading »

A New Nose for a New Decade

Humans are a picky species, but this isn’t a recent development. It’s not as if we awoke yesterday and decided we didn’t like the look of our nose and wanted to change it. Nope. While it may not be something a dog considers, for us humans such a line of thinking isn’t anything new. The… Continue Reading »

February’s a Good Time for Some Peeling

Living in sunny Florida, no matter how diligent we are about applying sunscreen and protecting our skin, we’ve all had instances where we were burned and then our skin peeled. It’s inevitable in South Florida. But in our CRS MedSpa, we like to force a little skin peeling/exfoliation with our chemical peels. Our superficial and… Continue Reading »

Tightening the Tummy

A flat stomach. Everyone wants one, but few of us have one. This is because no matter how much we diet and exercise it rarely does anything to the abdomen area. The combination of loose, sagging skin and weaker muscles gives most of us a little pooch, no matter how much we try to make… Continue Reading »


CRS is Open and Adhering to CDC Guidelines

Florida Governor has lifted statewide restrictions on Elective Medical services Here at CRS Plastic Surgery we are observing safety measures and following CDC guidelines to ensure your wellbeing. Our physicians and staff will be adhering to CDC guidelines and wearing face masks throughout your visit. We ask that you wear a face mask or covering… Continue Reading »

The Decisions You’ll Make with Augmentation

The decision to have breast augmentation is a big one. You’ll need to do lots of research on your own to understand your implant options and other choices. This isn’t something to jump into on a whim, and the choice to have augmentation needs to be for you first and foremost, not for a spouse… Continue Reading »

CRS MedSpa is a Relaxing Hybrid of Medical Grade Pampering and Clinical Therapeutic Aesthetic Treatment

CRS MedSpa in Fort Lauderdale takes the art of non-invasive cosmetic procedures to invigorate and improve the face and skin appearance. Long-term treatments formulated to enhance go hand-in-hand with our doctors, medical aestheticians, and compassionate staff. Medical Grade Aesthetics Under Expert Medical Care Medical spas must have licensed physicians and qualified staff with far more… Continue Reading »


CRS’s New Favorite Holiday: National Botox Cosmetic Day

Join CRS November 20th as we recognize the first National Botox Day with a special offer Allergan – the parent company of cosmetic surgery wonder drug Botox – has announced their first-ever National Botox Day on November 20th and CRS is celebrating.  Check out the special $100 Buy One Get, One Free gift card available… Continue Reading »

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