Preventative Plastic Surgery

Long-lingering stigmas clinging to plastic surgery are dissipating daily, transforming what seems like temporary trends into standard models. One movement cementing itself into Americana is preventative cosmetic procedures. Preemptive operations like life-saving mastectomies to aesthetic tweaking in people as young as 21 are on the rise and pro-active treatments are not only in vogue, they’re recommended by experts now more than ever. The benefits of Intervention are being experienced worldwide to circumvent the unappealing signs of time and reward you with longevity.

Have you or anyone you know considered any preventative plastic procedures? Here’s a quick guide of what’s available and how CRS can help you maintain your youthful appearance to prolong vitality.


As terms like “med spa” and “lunchtime procedure” welcome themselves into our lexicon, cosmetic surgery is shedding the anxiety associated with operations by basically avoiding scalpels all together. The simplicity and affordability of dermal fillers and topical laser treatments have condensed the epoch of ugliness that sneaks up with age into a minor editing footnote in the patient’s past or a nuisance that was skipped completely.

CRS’s MedSpa offers a variety of non-invasive options customizable for all patients to help preserve a spry appearance veiling any clues of the wears occurring as a side effect of life.


Injectables are by far the most endorsed form of preventative plastic surgery, with over seven million procedures occurring in 2016 alone, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS). Botox, collagen, dermal fillers like Restylane and Juvéderm, or even fat transfers after liposuction are being used to not only keep permanent lines from establishing on the faces of young patients but also train their expressions to avoid wrinkle-causing movement in the first place.

Dr. Doris Day, the author of Forget the Facelift, states, “It allows for opposing muscles to pull in the opposite direction to become stronger over time, allowing for muscles to age more evenly.” An award-winning laser researcher who’s appeared on The View, Cosmopolitan, CNN, and countless other media outlets, she is part of a growing physicians collective that believes introducing injectables at an early age can nullify the bad habits which cause creases as a result of facial expressions. Dr. Day recommends 3-4 injectables a year in order to dodge age and circumvent the need for more drastic measures.

“Ideally, patients come back less and less often over time,” Dr. Day says about the benefits of getting on an injectable regimen sooner rather than later.

The ASPS also reported a 28% increase in the use of botulinum toxin from 2010 to 2018. A nationwide average cost of $385 per shot has made it accessible regardless of demographic, transcending stereotypes of the past. A neuromodulator that relaxes the face to prevent wrinkles from forming as a result of facial expressions, it’s the injectable of choice for preventative plastic surgery.

Dermabrasion and Body Sculpting

Lasers and peels, forms of dermabrasion helpful in erasing sun or wound scars as well as some wrinkles, are tested tools applied to successfully combat the marks maturity brings. A great way to wipe acne blemishes, they work wonders at the first signs of age moles to keep them from becoming unsightly growths.

Lasers can treat various other situations, from the superficial to the crucial. Varicose veins, a potentially fatal condition that comes along depending on lifestyle and genetics, can be efficaciously managed through their ultrasound-guided techniques. If begun when the first visual symptoms occur, lasers could save time, money, and possibly lives.


Typically, by the time an operation is necessary, it’s often too late for preemptive action in a life-or-death situation. In some cases, however, plastic surgery is not just cosmetic but essential to your welfare.

CRS’s doctors can assist in your battle against time and some dangerous diagnoses prior to their unwelcome arrival.


Considered a complicated procedure by some, face-lifts become harder to perform as skin sags over the years. A technique being practiced that reduces this risk is the mini-facelift, a variation of its mother that lessens recovery time as well as halts the mileage on your visage. And let’s not forget it’s cost-effectiveness.


Invasive cosmetic surgery can successfully combat a slew of cancers if applied ahead of time, in some cases even before detected by doctors. If certain diseases like breast cancer are hereditary, you can side-step nature by having a mastectomy. Following your recovery, our team can reconstruct your figure reclaiming your body and shaping you as desired.

Lasers can be functional here, too, effectively targeting Melanoma at early stages to keep it from becoming malignant.


Liposuction can be pragmatic in patients with weight issues to foil harm associated with obesity. Heart disease is the leading cause of death in America and removing fat can address this issue in advance. The material removed can then be transplanted to an aesthetically appealing location on your body.

Though lymphedema (obstructions in the lymphatic system that causes excess fluid to collect in the tissues of limbs which produces swelling) can be helped with lipo, too, there are additional possibilities available for dealing with the issue prior to further complications.

Lymphaticvenous anastomosis, also referred to as lymphovenous bypass, reroutes your lymphatic system skirting the malfunctioning nodes connecting its channels directly into your veins. This is an outpatient surgery with a prompt recuperation.

Vascularized lymph node transfer surgery, or a lymphovenous transplant, takes healthy nodes from somewhere in your body to the affected area. An inpatient procedure, a recovery time of a few days is required to safely return to regular activity.

Why wait until it’s too late to save your vitality?

Advantageous for your health, appearance, and purse, preventative plastic surgery is changing lives while smoothing out the bumps of age, figuratively as well as literally. Whether you need just a bit of “tweaking” or a life-saving operation, CRS is here to guide your journey.

CRS specializes in sculpting the perfect you. If you or a loved one are considering a procedure, schedule your free consultation today by filling out this form or call (954) 533-8029 and a representative will be in contact shortly. Plastic surgery is not recommended for everyone.

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