What Are the Benefits of Inverted Nipple Surgery?

Inverted Nipple Surgery Learning about your own body is an endless pursuit, as it is a complicated thing, and no two bodies are quite the same. As you learn, you’ll explore many ideas and concepts, and one thing many people don’t understand is inverted nipples. They’re a largely harmless condition, but under some circumstances, it makes sense to treat them with inverted nipple surgery. Here is what you should know about this surgery and how it can help.

 What Is an Inverted Nipple?

Simply put, an inverted nipple is a nipple that does not fully protrude past the areola. In most cases, it causes no harm, but some feel self-conscious about it. That said, inverted nipples can complicate breastfeeding, making it a unique concern among women who expect to nurse children.

What Does the Surgery Entail?

The most reliable way to reverse nipple inversion is via surgery. Inverted nipple surgery comes in two forms.

The first method utilizes milk duct detachment. Our surgeon makes an incision around the nipple border. Since the milk ducts shorten due to inversion, our surgeon detaches the milk ducts, and the nipples are free to protrude.

The issue is that milk duct detachment severely complicates breastfeeding, making this option ideal for women who do not expect to nurse.

The second method keeps the milk duct intact. Our surgeon makes an incision under the lower part of the nipple. This allows for a nipple lift procedure, leading to nipple protrusion while maintaining the milk duct.

Benefits of Inverted Nipple Surgery

For anyone who does feel self-conscious about inverted nipples, the surgery can boost confidence and mental health outcomes. For women concerned about breastfeeding, the surgery offers a chance to restore normal milk duct function, aiding nursing.

Because surgeries include recovery time and the risk of complications, inverted nipple surgery is not recommended for nursing or expecting mothers.

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